It’s another New Year and that means we had our Annual Polar Bear Run at Biker Rags.

Fifty-four bikes and their riders showed up for the ride. Here are pictures from the day:

Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!

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Last week we posted on Facebook a photo of us in 1994 on vacation in Destin, Florida. That’s when we got the idea for Biker Rags.

Jeff and Pamo 1994 in Destin, Florida

For those of you who are curious, today’s post is a bit deeper history about how we got to even wanting to open our own retail store. The following story is in Jeff’s words. Take it away Jeff….

In 1987, I got out of the Army after a four year stint.

Jeff in Army 1983

When I returned to Knoxville, I started running wild and partying really hard. My marriage disintegrated and so I partied even harder. After several interventions, my family finally put me in UT Medical Center Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center (ADRC). I stayed in out patient treatment for a year and worked part time for a friend.

When I finally finished treatment, I was flat broke, had nowhere to go, so I just kept hanging around the treatment center, working every day at staying clean and sober. They finally hired me to drive the patients to meetings and do some drug counseling for newly admitted arrivals.

I’d been working there for awhile when Pam, a Registered Nurse, came to work at the Alcohol and Drug Rehab Unit. We hit it off immediately and after a couple of months, we started dating.

That’s us in the spring of 1994 when we were still working at ADRC.

UT supposedly had a policy about co-workers dating and living together, so I gave them the middle finger good-bye and once again was broke and unemployed.

After a week or so of me trying to figure out my next move, Pam says I came home one day and announced that I was going to open a leather store and sell jackets and novelty helmets. At first, I was going to do it at the flea market, but it was Pam’s idea to rent a store front. Pam was all in- so with minimal savings and two credit cards, we opened that little shop on Chapman Highway and called it Biker Rags. That was on November 1, 1994.

Our first business card.

Pam continued working as a nurse for a couple of years so we would have a paycheck and she also spent every spare minute at Biker Rags.

There I am getting our first store ready to open in 1994.

And so it began.

It was a lot of work, but we were having a blast. We both rode, went down to the Old City every weekend to gather with other bikers, and finally in 1996 we moved to our current location on Kingston Pike. We also got married and bought the house we still live in today.

Life is good. Thank you Pamo!

You can read more of our history by CLICKING HERE.

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In our last blog post we invited you to join our Annual Freedom Ride. In today’s post, we’ll show you a few photos from the ride.

We had around 52 bikes show up for the Freedom Ride! We went on an eighty mile ride through the countryside and had a blast. Thanks to everyone who joined us. We look forward to doing it again next year.

Here are photos from the day:

We hope you get a chance to enjoy your motorcycle this week!

Until next time,

Jeff and Pam

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Each week we’ve been talking about different ways to enjoy your motorcycle- and this week is easy- come join us this Wednesday July 4th for our Annual Biker Rags Freedom Ride.

We ride, we have fun, we greet old friends and meet new ones. And we all enjoy riding our motorcycles.

The Freedom Ride is real simple. We meet at Biker Rags starting at 9am. It’s $5 a ticket and you can buy as many tickets as you want. We put all the tickets in a box and then at 10am, we all go for a ride.

This year, the ride is going over Norris Dam and then a rest stop in Lake City. After our 15 – 20 minute rest stop, we all ride back again to Biker Rags. The ride is all back roads, scenic and fun.

When we get back to Biker Rags there will be FREE pizza and cold drinks waiting for us. After we finish our food and drink- we will pull ONE name out of the box and that winner takes all! For example- if we sell 100 tickets, then we will have $500 in the pot and winner takes all.

We will also have Biker Rags discount coupons for all that ride as well as a couple of consolation prizes.

The ride is this Wednesday, July 4th. Sign up starts at 9am and we’ll all leave together at 10am. We’ll go on a 80 mile round trip ride and be back at Biker Rags between 12:30pm to 1pm. It’s $5 a ticket and winner takes all!

Now this is a great way to enjoy your motorcycle- so please come and join us.

See you soon,

Jeff and Pam

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Greetings from all of us at Biker Rags. We’ve been posting ways to enjoy your motorcycle- and one of the best ways is to participate in a fund raiser/ charity event.

Last week, Biker Rags was fortunate enough to host the Annual Channon and Chris Memorial Ride- a local event that has a lot of meaning to all of us here in East Tennessee. (See the photos HERE.)

This Saturday, June 30th, Biker Rags is hosting another local benefit ride to help the kids at Claxton Elementary. The Vendetta’s Motorcycle Club from Powell are doing their 3rd Annual Backpack Ride. They get together with the teachers at Claxton Elementary- find out what items are required for the school year, then fill backpacks full of the necessary supplies for the kids that simply cannot afford them.

What we really like about this event is that these guys have picked out their local school to help out local kids. To us- this makes a lot more sense than giving your hard earned money to some organization that is headquartered elsewhere. These guys get to actually make a difference to some of the kids in their community.

You can be a part of this local event, have a good time and support some of our local kids.

The Backpack Ride is this Saturday, June 30, 2018 starting here at Biker Rags. Cost is $10 per person, registration for the ride is 11:30am till 2pm and the ride will end at Ridge Runners in Oak Ridge.

Come hungry- Biker Rags will be serving FREE pizza and cold drinks starting at 11:30am.

There will be door prizes and a silent auction at the end of the ride- along with more food and drinks.

If you are looking for a way to enjoy your motorcycle- this is a great event. Please, PLEASE, come and help us make this a big success! Some kids need help to stand tall and walk proud and having the school supplies they need will make a BIG difference.

See you Saturday.

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On Saturday, June 16, 2018- Biker Rags hosted the start of the 9th Annual Channon & Chris Memorial Ride. Registration was from 9am until 1pm and the ride left Biker Rags at 1:30pm.

We knew it was going to be a great day when volunteers began arriving before 8am. Lori Christian led the organization of the ride events and she did a phenomenal job.

Biker Rags got ready to serve free hot dogs and drinks. (A huge thank you to Becky for volunteering to help Pamo with the food.) We also set up a vintage bike show and had Wild Hogs playing inside the store for folks escaping the heat.

The food and drinks lasted until 1pm with every last morsel consumed (and we had a lot of food!). It was a terrific crowd, everyone had a blast, and it was all for a great cause. THANK YOU everyone for your support of this ride!!! You all are AWESOME!!!

Rusty Wallace was the Grand Marshall and what a pleasure to meet him. He’s a super nice guy and fit right in with the crowd. Also, Chad Campbell, the General Manager from Rusty Wallace Honda, was there helping to organize the day and his personality and charm just shined. A huge THANK YOU to Rusty, Chad and Rusty Wallace Honda for making the 9th Annual Channon & Chris Memorial Ride a huge success.

We would also like to thank Gary and Lori Christian along with the Shepherd’s Riding Club for allowing Biker Rags to be a part of this wonderful event.

Here are photos from the day and a video of the ride leaving Biker Rags at 1:30pm:

Gary Christian, Rusty Wallace, and Lori Christian

Jeff, Rusty Wallace, Pamo

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Another way that Jeff and I enjoy our motorcycles is by taking destination rides. We pick a place we both would like to visit, then Jeff maps out a fun and interesting way to get there.

A few weeks ago, we decided we wanted to finally visit the Greene County History Museum in Greeneville, TN. Greeneville is a great historic town with lots of interesting sites to visit. We’ve been there many times, but never found our way into the Greene County Museum.  Now that we’ve been, we can say without a doubt- it’s well worth the time. Plus, Jeff planned a great route for us that was beautiful and fun to ride. Here’s how our day unfolded….

Jeff kicks us off with a video:

Our route will take us through Dandridge heading toward Newport.

We stopped along the bridge heading to Newport for a few photos.

The water is always beautiful here in East Tennessee.

After traveling through Newport and Del Rio, we reach North Carolina heading toward Hot Springs.

Almost to Hot Springs.

There’s me, Pamo, definitely enjoying the day!

Hot Springs is a great place to visit.

A friendly Hot Springs native snapped our photo for us! So nice.

Downtown Hot Springs in the background. No time to visit today.

Heading toward Hurricane, NC.

We passed by the Bear River Lodge.

From Hurricane, NC we took 208 North heading back into Tennesee. We then took 107 into Greeneville.

Here’s the dam just outside of Greeneville.

Once in Greeneville, we went straight to our destination.

The History Museum is right on the edge of historic downtown Greeneville, located in a large former school brick building.

Here’s the entrance. The museum is free to view but leave a few dollars if you can to help keep it going.

Following are just some of the sites inside the museum. It’s three full levels of historic displays!

Just outside, near the entrance to the museum, is the first motorized fire truck bought by the town of Greeneville in 1917.

The truck is enclosed inside a glass building.

Rear view of the fire truck.

After we finished at the museum, we got a bite to eat, then headed back to Knoxville. We really enjoyed both our ride to Greeneville and our destination of the Greene County Museum.

Next time you get ready to ride, plan a destination ride and take a fun and interesting route to get there. Then, take a different way home. You’ll have a blast!

Until next time,

Jeff and Pam

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We’ve been talking about different ways to enjoy your motorcycle and helping others is one of the best ways. This time of year a lot of bikers not only think about getting in some great riding but also about doing good for others. It’s a way that bikers bond together as a community and help out where it’s needed.

Participating in a biker charity event is like being with good friends you never knew you had. Bikers have big hearts and being a part of that caring spirit is another way to enjoy being a biker.

Biker Rags is very fortunate and proud to be one of the hosts for this year’s Channon & Chris Memorial Ride on Saturday, June 16th. The history behind the ride is well known- but if you are new to the area or simply unsure here are two links to give you a brief background: Wikipedia reference Click Here, and from The Daily Times Click Here.

The Channon & Chris Memorial Ride is a fantastic fundraising event with a beautiful spirit behind it. All of this year’s proceeds go to UT Hospital Neonatal Department and St. Jude Hospital.

Put this one on your calendar- it’s a MUST DO EVENT.

Registration is at Biker Rags from 9am to 1pm with FREE food for everyone. Grand Marshall Rusty Wallace will be judging the 1st Annual Channon & Chris Memorial Bike Show while at Biker Rags and will be available for autographs and photo ops.

More info is detailed below on the two fliers. What a great way to enjoy your motorcycle and give back to the community! Hope to see you there.

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Part of how Jeff and I continue to enjoy our motorcycles is by tuning in to popular culture in the motorcycle world. Orange County Choppers– the TV show about Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Jr. is returning to the Discovery Channel tonight.

OCC ran on Discovery from 2003 – 2010 and did a lot to feed the fandom around Choppers. It was one of those reality shows that could make you proud, then make you mad, then make you cringe- but it had motorcycles in it and we loved it!

When the Discovery channel announced that OCC was returning this year for another season- we knew we’d tune in.

If you’d like to see the reboot or just see what it’s all about, check out the Discovery Channel. You can watch the season opener online and check out the second episode tonight at 10pm.

Paul Teutul of Orange County Choppers

Until next time,

Jeff and Pamo

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This is another post on “How to Enjoy Your Motorcycle”.

One of the things that go along with getting the correct size motorcycle is staying physically fit enough to enjoy your bike.

Motorcycling is a very physically demanding sport and not everyone can do it. You have to be coordinated, quick thinking, and maybe most important- you have to be physically fit enough to handle and control your motorcycle. If you’ve ever taken an all day ride, you already know that being in shape makes the difference in how you enjoy your motorcycle.

Many folks quit riding because they think they think they are getting too old. But we believe it’s not your age that makes the difference but how physically able you are to ride. You can’t do anything about getting older but you can work on being more fit.

To fight getting old, and to be able to continue to enjoy life as much as possible, we both exercise on a regular basis. We stretch and do mild cardio EVERY morning and we go to the gym a couple of times a week. Our goal is simply to feel good so we can continue doing all of the activities we enjoy doing. We’re lucky because we do it together and it beats the hell out of sitting on the couch watching TV. Plus if we don’t exercise, then we don’t enjoy our ice cream as much. And if you haven’t noticed by our blog posts- we LOVE ice cream!

In this video Jeff talks about staying fit helps us enjoy riding:

We hope you are enjoying your riding season!

Until next time.

Jeff and Pam

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