Each week we’ve been talking about different ways to enjoy your motorcycle- and this week is easy- come join us this Wednesday July 4th for our Annual Biker Rags Freedom Ride.

We ride, we have fun, we greet old friends and meet new ones. And we all enjoy riding our motorcycles.

The Freedom Ride is real simple. We meet at Biker Rags starting at 9am. It’s $5 a ticket and you can buy as many tickets as you want. We put all the tickets in a box and then at 10am, we all go for a ride.

This year, the ride is going over Norris Dam and then a rest stop in Lake City. After our 15 – 20 minute rest stop, we all ride back again to Biker Rags. The ride is all back roads, scenic and fun.

When we get back to Biker Rags there will be FREE pizza and cold drinks waiting for us. After we finish our food and drink- we will pull ONE name out of the box and that winner takes all! For example- if we sell 100 tickets, then we will have $500 in the pot and winner takes all.

We will also have Biker Rags discount coupons for all that ride as well as a couple of consolation prizes.

The ride is this Wednesday, July 4th. Sign up starts at 9am and we’ll all leave together at 10am. We’ll go on a 80 mile round trip ride and be back at Biker Rags between 12:30pm to 1pm. It’s $5 a ticket and winner takes all!

Now this is a great way to enjoy your motorcycle- so please come and join us.

See you soon,

Jeff and Pam