Yesterday was our August Swap Meet at Biker Rags. We had a great turn out and an awesome time. It’s always fun to see our old friends and meet new ones. Here are photos from the day.

Biker Rags Swap Meets are always the first Sunday of the month. They start at 10am (many vendors set up earlier) and go until all the vendors are gone. Set up and admission are free. Join us!

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We had our Annual Freedom Ride yesterday, July 4, 2019. Thirty eight bikes participated and we had a blast! Here are photos from the ride:

Waiting on the ride to start.

There’s Jeff and Silas with Tracy in the background.

Silas and Tracy. Thanks for helping out today!

Here is the pre ride group photo.

Foster and Anne at the midpoint.

Bikes lined up at the midpoint.

Thanks for joining us guys!

Looking good!

So nice to have you along.

Hi ladies. Pamo on the left.

Hello fellows!

Everyone had pizza when we returned. Yum!

Great ride Jeff!

The ride was just over 90 miles and was so much fun. Looking forward to doing it again next July 4th.

Be sure to join us tomorrow, July 5th for FREE patch sewing and FREE pizza.

Then join us on Sunday for our monthly Swap Meet.

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We were honored to once again host the Channon & Chris Memorial Ride this past Saturday, June 15th, 2019.

The Shepard’s RC met up at Biker Rags for registration from 10am till 1:30pm.

Vendors were set up in the parking lot and we had our vintage collection and basement open to all. Everyone had a great time!

The ride left at 2pm and ended at Bootlegger Harley Davidson for a concert.

Here is a video of the ride leaving from Biker Rags:

We really appreciate the Shepard’s RC and everyone who came out to participate in the ride. Thank you.

Until next time,
Jeff and Pamo

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On Wednesday, June 29th, we took a day ride. Our destination was to visit Cherokee Dam and stop off at David Hurst’s paint shop (Slide Effects) to see his new Triumph Speed Twin.

We took off from our house in North Knoxville around 10:15am, both riding our Indian Scouts. (Jeff had just picked his Scout up from Custom Cycle Corner, where David Snapp and his crew had put on new handlebars and exhaust, so he was really excited to ride!)

From Knoxville, we rode to Strawberry Plains, where we stopped at Waffle House for breakfast. Yum! From there we took 11E to 25/70 into Dandridge.

We stopped in at the “Dike that saved Dandridge”.

Pamo standing just below the dike.

We walked around downtown and looked at the lovely historic buildings.

Then we rode above the dike to see the water. The entire bridge has been rebuilt.

View of Douglas Lake and bridge in 2019.

Here’s how it looked in 2015:

Our first stop in Dandridge was to look at the lake.

View of Douglas Lake and bridge in 2015.

View of upper dike in 2019.

And the view in 2015:

View of the top of the dike.

View of upper dike in 2015.

We then took 92 across the bridge. From 92, we took 363, Indian  Creek Road, over to Newport, then 25/70 North to White Pine. We stopped in White Pine to switch bikes. (Pam wanted to see how the new handlebars felt.)

We rode north, stopping along the bridge to watch some folks on jet skies.

The bridge really bounces when cars and trucks zoom by!

Some folks get their kicks on the water.

We then continued on into Morristown. From Morristown, we rode south on 11E to Jefferson City, then to 92 and Cherokee Dam where we stopped for a snack at the beach.

Jeff with a view of the beach behind him at Cherokee Dam.

From Cherokee Dam, we continued on to Slide Effects paint shop to see David’s new Triumph Speed Twin. What a beautiful bike! It’s got a Thruxton engine with a more Bonneville like appearance.

David and Jeff gawk at David’s new Speed Twin.

David looks at Jeff’s new handlebars.

After hanging out at Slide Effects, we took 92 to Rutledge, then rode south on 11W to Blaine. In Blaine, we took 61 then 331 to Corryton, where we stopped at the downtown park for a cold drink.

In Corryton Park. It’s been a great day!

From Corryton, we took 331 back to Knoxville and we got back home around 5pm.

Until next time,

Jeff and Pam

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SWAP MEET 6-2-19

It was a beautiful Sunday on June 2nd and we had a fantastic turn out for our monthly Swap Meet. Thanks to everyone who came out- vendors and shoppers. You guys rock!

Here are photos from the day:

See you next swap. For more info on our Biker Rags Swap Meets- CLICK HERE.

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On Wednesday, May 22, 2019 we took a Day Ride to visit the museum at Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. We got there by riding the Devil’s Triangle, a ride we’ve done several times before. If you are interested in that route see our posts HERE and HERE.

The irony of Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary is that such a scary place is located in such a beautiful mountainous region. And now that the prison has been turned into a museum and moonshine manufacturer- it allows those of us on the “outside” to get a glimpse into life behind bars. (1896 – 2009)

Our post today is primarily photos we shot during our day, but for a more detailed history- click HERE.

Here’s the sign you’ll see as you approach the prison.

View of the prison once you past the now refurbished maintenance building.

Tickets are $12 per person. Well worth the cost of admission.

First we ate lunch at the Warden’s Table, inside the building where you buy tickets. You can also buy some moonshine while you’re there.


Approaching the prison. It’s a self guided tour- so you can take as much time as you like.

Entering the prison. Must of hurt whoever tried to smash that door with their fist.

Walking by the prison intake and administration offices.

We started our tour here at the chapel now converted into a museum. We watched a video and looked at items on view.

There was quite a bit of artwork made by inmates on view- but of course, this one caught our eyes.

The infamous “Hole”. You didn’t want to end up here.

From inside the “hole”. Couldn’t get out fast enough.

We left the museum and stopped by the laundry room. Bet it was scorching in there by mid summer.

View of prison from backside.

Now here’s the part that we spent much of our time in- the main prison cells. Four floors of cells and VERY eerie.

This was James Earl Ray’s cell at one point.

Fences were erected over the walkway on the upper levels after a prisoner was flung to his death by other prisoners.

Leaving the prison.

Put this visit on your bucket list. There’s nothing else like it.


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It’s early morning here on a beautiful May spring day and I’m doing a long awaited Swap Meet photo update. It’s easy to neglect the blog portion of a website when we tend to connect with so many of our customers through Facebook and emails. So for those of you who like visiting the website, I apologize for the lapse.

Here are some photos from our April 2019 Swap Meet. I posted these originally on Facebook to let folks know that even when there is rain in the area, we still have a decent turn out.

Our next Swap Meet is Sunday, June 2nd. Hope to see you there!

Pam from Biker Rags

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It’s another New Year and that means we had our Annual Polar Bear Run at Biker Rags.

Fifty-four bikes and their riders showed up for the ride. Here are pictures from the day:

Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!

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Last week we posted on Facebook a photo of us in 1994 on vacation in Destin, Florida. That’s when we got the idea for Biker Rags.

Jeff and Pamo 1994 in Destin, Florida

For those of you who are curious, today’s post is a bit deeper history about how we got to even wanting to open our own retail store. The following story is in Jeff’s words. Take it away Jeff….

In 1987, I got out of the Army after a four year stint.

Jeff in Army 1983

When I returned to Knoxville, I started running wild and partying really hard. My marriage disintegrated and so I partied even harder. After several interventions, my family finally put me in UT Medical Center Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center (ADRC). I stayed in out patient treatment for a year and worked part time for a friend.

When I finally finished treatment, I was flat broke, had nowhere to go, so I just kept hanging around the treatment center, working every day at staying clean and sober. They finally hired me to drive the patients to meetings and do some drug counseling for newly admitted arrivals.

I’d been working there for awhile when Pam, a Registered Nurse, came to work at the Alcohol and Drug Rehab Unit. We hit it off immediately and after a couple of months, we started dating.

That’s us in the spring of 1994 when we were still working at ADRC.

UT supposedly had a policy about co-workers dating and living together, so I gave them the middle finger good-bye and once again was broke and unemployed.

After a week or so of me trying to figure out my next move, Pam says I came home one day and announced that I was going to open a leather store and sell jackets and novelty helmets. At first, I was going to do it at the flea market, but it was Pam’s idea to rent a store front. Pam was all in- so with minimal savings and two credit cards, we opened that little shop on Chapman Highway and called it Biker Rags. That was on November 1, 1994.

Our first business card.

Pam continued working as a nurse for a couple of years so we would have a paycheck and she also spent every spare minute at Biker Rags.

There I am getting our first store ready to open in 1994.

And so it began.

It was a lot of work, but we were having a blast. We both rode, went down to the Old City every weekend to gather with other bikers, and finally in 1996 we moved to our current location on Kingston Pike. We also got married and bought the house we still live in today.

Life is good. Thank you Pamo!

You can read more of our history by CLICKING HERE.

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In our last blog post we invited you to join our Annual Freedom Ride. In today’s post, we’ll show you a few photos from the ride.

We had around 52 bikes show up for the Freedom Ride! We went on an eighty mile ride through the countryside and had a blast. Thanks to everyone who joined us. We look forward to doing it again next year.

Here are photos from the day:

We hope you get a chance to enjoy your motorcycle this week!

Until next time,

Jeff and Pam

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