On Wednesday, June 29th, we took a day ride. Our destination was to visit Cherokee Dam and stop off at David Hurst’s paint shop (Slide Effects) to see his new Triumph Speed Twin.

We took off from our house in North Knoxville around 10:15am, both riding our Indian Scouts. (Jeff had just picked his Scout up from Custom Cycle Corner, where David Snapp and his crew had put on new handlebars and exhaust, so he was really excited to ride!)

From Knoxville, we rode to Strawberry Plains, where we stopped at Waffle House for breakfast. Yum! From there we took 11E to 25/70 into Dandridge.

We stopped in at the “Dike that saved Dandridge”.

Pamo standing just below the dike.

We walked around downtown and looked at the lovely historic buildings.

Then we rode above the dike to see the water. The entire bridge has been rebuilt.

View of Douglas Lake and bridge in 2019.

Here’s how it looked in 2015:

Our first stop in Dandridge was to look at the lake.
View of Douglas Lake and bridge in 2015.
View of upper dike in 2019.

And the view in 2015:

View of the top of the dike.
View of upper dike in 2015.

We then took 92 across the bridge. From 92, we took 363, Indian  Creek Road, over to Newport, then 25/70 North to White Pine. We stopped in White Pine to switch bikes. (Pam wanted to see how the new handlebars felt.)

We rode north, stopping along the bridge to watch some folks on jet skies.

The bridge really bounces when cars and trucks zoom by!
Some folks get their kicks on the water.

We then continued on into Morristown. From Morristown, we rode south on 11E to Jefferson City, then to 92 and Cherokee Dam where we stopped for a snack at the beach.

Jeff with a view of the beach behind him at Cherokee Dam.

From Cherokee Dam, we continued on to Slide Effects paint shop to see David’s new Triumph Speed Twin. What a beautiful bike! It’s got a Thruxton engine with a more Bonneville like appearance.

David and Jeff gawk at David’s new Speed Twin.
David looks at Jeff’s new handlebars.

After hanging out at Slide Effects, we took 92 to Rutledge, then rode south on 11W to Blaine. In Blaine, we took 61 then 331 to Corryton, where we stopped at the downtown park for a cold drink.

In Corryton Park. It’s been a great day!

From Corryton, we took 331 back to Knoxville and we got back home around 5pm.

Until next time,

Jeff and Pam