The great thing about Biker Rags is that it doesn’t cost you a thing to come in and look around. There is never any sales pressure. Just come in, look around, try stuff on and decide for yourself. We think you’ll be really pleased with our prices and selection.

We carry over 50 styles of jackets for men and women- including leather and textile. We stock leather chaps in single lined and thermal lined.

We carry a nice selection of two pieced rain suits in sizes from small to 5XLarge.

We have a large selection of doo rags, embroidered patches, helmets, gloves, boots, hats, saddle bags, fork bags, tool bags, tank bags, windshield bags and travel bags.

We also have a large selection of items like bike bells, helmet stickers, vest extenders and pins, cup holders, pant clips, and detail products.

We stock multiple styles of eye wear, goggles, face shields and helmet visors. We have wallets, waist bags, belts, belt buckles and a great variety of biker t-shirts.

Our third room at Biker Rags is a dedicated Economy World and Clearance Center where the bargain shopper can find some awesome deals. Plus we have two additional Clearance Centers, one in North Knoxville and one in South Knoxville:

Here are photos of our store taken in May of 2019:

We hope to see you soon!