This is another post on “How to Enjoy Your Motorcycle”.

One of the things that go along with getting the correct size motorcycle is staying physically fit enough to enjoy your bike.

Motorcycling is a very physically demanding sport and not everyone can do it. You have to be coordinated, quick thinking, and maybe most important- you have to be physically fit enough to handle and control your motorcycle. If you’ve ever taken an all day ride, you already know that being in shape makes the difference in how you enjoy your motorcycle.

Many folks quit riding because they think they think they are getting too old. But we believe it’s not your age that makes the difference but how physically able you are to ride. You can’t do anything about getting older but you can work on being more fit.

To fight getting old, and to be able to continue to enjoy life as much as possible, we both exercise on a regular basis. We stretch and do mild cardio EVERY morning and we go to the gym a couple of times a week. Our goal is simply to feel good so we can continue doing all of the activities we enjoy doing. We’re lucky because we do it together and it beats the hell out of sitting on the couch watching TV. Plus if we don’t exercise, then we don’t enjoy our ice cream as much. And if you haven’t noticed by our blog posts- we LOVE ice cream!

In this video Jeff talks about staying fit helps us enjoy riding:

We hope you are enjoying your riding season!

Until next time.

Jeff and Pam