Jeff getting ready to do the opening video.

On Wednesday, May 2, 2018 we took another Day Ride.

The main way that Jeff and I enjoy our motorcycles is by taking Day Rides. This ride to Foothills Parkway is one we’ve done many times- but we’ve worked in a twist. We’ll be hiking up to the Look Rock Tower.

Jeff kicks us off in this video:

That’s me, Pamo, excited about the ride ahead of us.
Here’s the view from the parking lot overlook off Foothills Parkway.
Before we took the short hike to Look Rock, we had a picnic lunch. Yum!
The trail marker is just off the side of the parking area. The hike is a half mile round trip.
The trail is well marked.
The trail will get your heart rate up but is very doable.
When you reach the road intersecting with the trail, turn left.
That’s the air quality data collection center to the right.
Almost to the tower.
There’s the base of the tower.
A bit more climbing and we’re almost there.
View of the tower.
Almost to the top.
And the view was well worth the short hike.
Another view from the tower.
Another view.
Jeff reads the placard.
View of Maryville.
We sure live in a gorgeous area!
We could almost touch the birds flying in the sky.
Time to start back down the trail.
And there’s the Foothills Parkway road.
Ready to get back on the bikes after visiting the lovely Look Rock Tower.

So even though the Foothills Parkway ride was one we’ve done many times before, we added a new adventure to the experience. Part of keeping riding fresh is mixing it up a little. It doesn’t take much- perhaps just a new route to your destination or discovering a sight you’ve never seen along the way.

Until next time!