This is another post in our “Enjoying Your Motorcycle” series.

Jeff and I like to take impromptu rides, heading wherever the mood takes us. Over the years though, we have found that taking planned rides can be even more adventurous and fun. Because when you have a destination in mind, you can plan out new and different routes to get there and end up seeing sites you’ve never encountered before.

Here’s Jeff talking about how he plans our Day Rides:


Here are links and photos of some of my personal favorite Day Rides that we’ve taken by using this planning process. (Frankly there were too many to list- but you get the idea.)

Another view.
View from the Pinnacle at Cumberland Gap National Park.
Fall Creek Falls
The Natural Arch in the Daniel Boone Natural Forest.
Natural Tunnel State Park in Southwest Virginia
View of Burgess Falls.
Coke Ovens Park in Dunlap, TN
View from Fontana Dam.

You can see all of our Day Rides by CLICKING HERE.

So next time you ride, try planning it out and have a destination in mind. This can really make riding more enjoyable! Give it a try.

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