This is another post in our “Enjoying Your Motorcycle Series”.

Another way that Jeff and I enjoy motorcycles is by collecting and sharing our love of vintage motorcycles at Biker Rags.

Vintage Bike Enthusiasts gather at Biker Rags.

We met Conard Shultz, Knoxville native and vintage motorcycle guru, when we first opened Biker Rags back in 1994. We thought it would be cool to have a vintage Triumph in the store to display. When Conard invited us out to his shop and we saw his massive collection- we were hooked!

Even today, over twenty years later, many of the bikes you’ll see in our vintage museum have been built, restored, brought back to life or somehow touched by Conard.

Conard has been enjoying motorcycles longer than most of us have been alive.

Conard arrives on his bike and is greeted by Tim Burchett. 2016

Conard has been building, customizing, and restoring British motorcycles for over sixty-five years. For many of us British motorcycle enthusiasts, Conard has been our mentor, our historian, our connection and our friend.

Conard customized this Triumph with a horse saddle!
1959 Triumph Bonneville restored by Conard and his crew.
1965 Matchless restored by Conard.

This past year, Conard has been in a battle for his life. Despite weekly chemotherapy treatments and fighting a disastrous systemic infection, he has prevailed. He still shows up for Bike Nite at the Time Warp Tea Room and still orders parts for his customers.

Still kicking and still interested in life at age 84, we think it’s his dogged determination to see that next vintage beauty (or bastard- it’s all the same to Conard) run is what keeps him in the game.

In 2014, we honored Conard with the very first Conard Shultz Day at Biker Rags. We did it again in 2015 and 2016. Then in 2017, we had to put the celebration on hold because Conard wasn’t strong enough to get through the day. This past February Jeff asked Conard if he was up to another party and Conard gave us the thumbs up. So this next Saturday, April 21st, we’ll once again celebrate Conard’s Day at Biker Rags.

Conard and his wife, Marie, enjoying Conard’s Day in 2016. That’s Jeff, of course, on the right.

We hope you’ll come out to celebrate Conard and his contribution to the motorcycle world. He has certainly helped Jeff and I love and enjoy motorcycles. Come see his work and experience why we believe Conard is indeed a motorcycle legend.

The party starts this Saturday, April 21st, at 11am. If you have a vintage motorcycle (all brands are welcome) come show it off to other vintage enthusiasts. The vintage ride-in show is from 11am to 2pm. Free food for everyone starts at noon. And we’ll be taking pictures with Conard from 11:3o am to 12 noon.

Everyone is invited to this FUN and FREE event. Whether you love vintage motorcycles or just curious why those of us do, come join us. See you Saturday!

And here are photos from Conard Shultz Day, April 21, 2018: