This is another post in our “Enjoying Your Motorcycle” series.

We went for a ride last Wednesday. The morning temps were around 55 degrees and it was cloudy. We knew by the afternoon, it would be closer to 70 degrees. So it was one of those days when we needed to wear our full gear in the morning but be able to shed some of it by the afternoon.

I talk about our morning gear in this video:

After riding for about an hour, I was still comfortable and warm. The right gear really helped to make my ride enjoyable.

That’s Pamo in her gear out enjoying the ride.
Hi Jeff! He’s wearing the same helmet as Pamo except in gloss black.


A couple of hours after leaving out on our ride, we made our destination- Bush’s Beans in Chestnut Hill.

Bush’s Bean Factory in the distance.
We’re headed to the Bush’s Bean Cafe.
Yum! Good food also makes our rides enjoyable.
And better get dessert for good measure.
Way to enjoy the day!!

After we finished eating, it was about 2pm and the weather had warmed up about 10 degrees. Jeff took off his chaps and switched to a lighter weight pair of gloves. I removed my chaps but kept my heavier gloves on.

By the time we returned to Knoxville, the temperature was around 70 degrees. We thoroughly enjoyed our ride because we wore the gear that kept us cozy throughout the day. And we were able to easily remove gear as the temperature warmed up. It sounds simple and it is.

Just remember- on days when the mornings are cold and the afternoons warmer, you’ve got to wear layers of gear that you can remove. This will definitely make your ride much more enjoyable!

That’s Pamo in her gear out enjoying the ride.