DAY RIDE JULY 21, 2010

This Day Ride from July 21, 2010 is re-posted here from our old website:

On Wednesday, July 21st we took another day ride. But first, a quick note about day rides in general.

Several people have asked us about our day rides- and this is how we do it. As most of you know, we work the weekends. We usually take Tuesdays and Wednesdays off while Silas runs the store. And on one of those days, we’ll try to go on a ride. We used to just get on the bikes and go, with no particular destination or route. Quite frankly, when you ride a lot like we do, that can get somewhat boring.

So, a couple of years ago, we decided to plan out our rides a bit more carefully. We wanted to go to interesting places and destinations that we had not been to. Nothing is set in stone. Sometimes we deviate from our plan, sometimes we get lost for awhile, and sometimes we’ll see something interesting that we decide to explore.

In any case, these planned routes seem to work for us better than just riding around. Remarkably, we keep finding new places to visit even though we’ve lived here most of our adult lives. And we’ve decided to share these rides here on our website. These are suggested routes you might like to try. You might be surprised at how fun it is!

Now, back to Wednesday’s ride. We got up and left our home in North Knoxville at 10am. We took off north on Clinton Highway to Lake City. We stopped and fueled up, then took 25W to Caryville. We then got on old 63 which took us into the mountains toward Huntsville. We stopped along the road and got a few pictures.

We rode through Huntsville, took 27 South and then got on 52 to Rugby. We only stopped briefly. We’ll have to go back another day to check out the historic landmarks.

Then we went back to 27 South and headed to Wartburg. We went to downtown Wartburg and had a great lunch at Angie’s restaurant.

Angie’s is right across from the court house where early voting was taking place. So we had to wait a few minutes for a table. The folks were super nice and the food really good home cooking.

After lunch, we walked around Wartburg for a short while.



After getting back on the bikes, we headed south on 27 then got on 62 to Oliver Springs. The roads were wet, but the rain missed us. We rode through Oliver Springs, got on 61 and headed toward Clinton. We stayed on 61 and stopped briefly on the water to look at the scenery and visit with the ducks. It’s these stops that remind us how beautiful this area is.

Then we continued on toward Knoxville. As we were coming back in Clinton Highway, the roads were really wet, but again we had missed the rain. We got back home by 2:30pm and by 3pm it was pouring rain. It must have been our lucky day, as rain was all around us, but we never got wet.

Our total ride was right at 157 miles.

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