If you’re a biker, you know riding a motorcycle is exciting, rewarding and fun.

Jeff and I opened Biker Rags in 1994 because we love motorcycles. We both have ridden most of our lives and are happy to call ourselves motorcycle enthusiasts.

Over the years in business, we’ve had the privilege of meeting a lot of folks who are also motorcycle enthusiasts. But we’ve also seen many people buy a bike and really love it for a time only to lose interest. They sell their bike, get rid of all their gear and move on.

We’ve seen this enough that we began asking ourselves “why?”. Why do some people lose interest in a sport that at one time they were so excited about?

But really, a more interesting question is why do some people remain life long motorcycle enthusiasts? What are these lifers doing to stay in the game and how do they keep motorcycling exciting, rewarding and fun?

Recently I told Jeff that enjoying your motorcycle could be thought of as maintaining a relationship. As a wide grin spread across his face he said, “Pamo, you should write about it on our Biker Rags blog.”

For the next few Monday’s I’ll be posting some ideas about enjoying your motorcycle – tips on motorcycle relationship maintenance. And even though Jeff has handed the baton off to me, I’m sure I’ll get him to chime in too.

Until next Monday,


That’s me, Pamo, enjoying my motorcycle.