DAY RIDE JULY 14, 2010

This Day Ride from July 14, 2010 is re-posted here from our old website:

On Wednesday, July 14th – we had a day off- so we decided to take another day ride.

We left our house in North Knoxville right at 10am, filled up with gas, and headed down Chapman Highway to Sevierville.

In Sevierville, we stayed on 411 (Dolly Parton Parkway) and rode toward Chestnut Hill. We stopped for a quick photo along the way.

7-14-10 AThen we went on to Chestnut Hill where we stopped at Bush’s Bean Museum, General Store and Cafe.

7-14-10 BWe decided to eat at the Cafe first. The place looked beyond new- the folks were friendly and the food was great. After lunch, we walked toward the museum, first looking at the landscaping and antique trucks outside.

7-14-10 C

7-14-10 D


7-14-10 E

Then we went over to the General Store and Museum.  The staff in the museum showed us around- it was very nice and quite informative. If you’re interested in the history of Chestnut Hill- this would be a great stop. Here are some photos from the rest of our time in Chestnut Hill.

7-14-10 F

7-14-10 G

7-14-10 H

7-14-10 I

7-14-10 J

7-14-10 K

7-14-10 L

Then we got on the bikes to get back on the road.

7-14-10 M

After Bush’s- we took 92 to Dandridge where we stopped at Angelo’s Landing.

7-14-10 N

7-14-10 O

After taking photos, we rode on through Dandridge- stayed on 92 to Jefferson City and then stopped at Cherokee Dam.

We sat at the park, drank a Diet Coke and watched the people for awhile before getting back on the road.

7-14-10 P

7-14-10 Q

7-14-10 R

We continued on 92 then took Old Glory Road to 11W. We went south on 11W to Blaine- stopped for gas and then took 61 toward Knoxville. We came back in Old Tazewell Pike- and then continued onto our house. We got home around 2:45pm. Our total ride was around 115 miles.

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