This Day Ride from January 18, 2010 is re-posted here from our old website:

On Monday- January 18th, the sun was shining and the temperature in the mid 40’s- so we decided to go on another day ride. We left the house around 10:45am, going north on Broadway eventually reaching the turn off to Norris Freeway. We took Norris Freeway to Norris and stopped at the Appalachian Museum.

DR13 A
Pam standing in front of sign. (The funny part was when I fell getting up on the ledge.)
DR13 B
Jeff at the Museum entrance.
DR13 D
Then we said Hi! to the goats.
DR13 C
And a thumbs up to the big guy.

After visiting the animals, we got back on the road heading toward Clinton where we took 25W to Lake City. When we got to Lake City we stopped at Mary J. and Ray’s Unicorn Cafe for lunch.

DR13 E
The folks are friendly at Mary J. and Rays.

After lunch, we headed back into Clinton and decided to stop downtown for some photos and window shopping.

DR13 F
Long view of downtown Clinton.
DR13 G
Jeff looks at a potting bench.
DR13 H
The shops are filled with great stuff.
DR13 I
The buildings in downtown Clinton are wonderful to look at.

Once on the bikes again, we rode around Clinton for awhile before heading back home to Knoxville via Clinton Highway.

We arrived home about 2:45pm after traveling 64 miles. We had a great time out in the sunshine and felt like our blood was thawed after the winter freeze. After the great time out- we spent some time in the yard playing with the fur kids. They enjoyed the sunshine too.

DR13 J
Jeff, Butter and Jumba.
DR13 K
Jeff and Susie.
DR13 L
Jeff and Cindy.

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