This Day Ride from November 25, 2009 is re-posted here from our old website:

On Wednesday- November 25th we took another day ride. It was overcast and 40 degrees when we left the house around 10:30 am.

DR12AWe gassed up on Western Avenue- then headed north to Solway where we got on Lovell Road and rode to Biker Rags. We stopped to say hi to Silas who was manning the store.


DR12CAfter stopping at Biker Rags for a few minutes- we headed down Kingston Pike toward Lenoir City. Once in Lenoir City, we got on Hwy 11 and headed toward Kingston stopping at the burned out Citgo- remembering when we stopped there on many past Fun Runs.



DR12FAfter taking a few photos- we headed toward Oak Ridge and stopped by Carroll Greene’s old Honda Shop. Even though his shop hasn’t been open for years- it is still full of vintage bikes and lots of clutter. We got the opportunity to speak to Mr. Greene about 10 years ago- but he never confirmed rumors of having vintage Triumphs still in their crates.

DR12GAfter we left Greene’s Cycle Shop, we rode through Oak Ridge and stopped at Buffalo Mountain Grille to get something to eat. The food was very good and the service was friendly.

DR12HWe got back on the road and headed toward Clinton. We stopped along the River for a look around.


DR12JWe got back home around 3 pm- just before the heavy rain. Our total ride was right at 82 miles. A nice ride on a cool, overcast day.

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