On ThursdayDR2-6-14AA, February 6, 2014, we took a Day Ride to plan a route for our “Take the Day Off Ride” scheduled for February 19th.

For our “Take the Day Off Ride” on February 19th, we knew we wanted to go to the Country Patch Restaurant in Athens, a great cafeteria style family eatery. For a group, this makes it easy to get in and get your lunch. We just had to figure out a route for the ride.

In this short video, Jeff discusses our upcoming ride:

We started our ride at Biker Rags at 11:00 am. It was a cold 32 degrees with overcast skies. Fortunately, we both wore our Gerbing Heated Gear, our leather jackets, thermal chaps, pilot helmet with neck warmers, and leather boots. In this kind of cold weather riding, the proper gear is essential.

Sorry Jeff. This is what happens when I don't take a second shot. It's a great picture of Silas though.
Sorry Jeff. This is what happens when I don’t take a second shot. It’s a great picture of Silas though.

We left Biker Rags taking Kingston Pike heading west. We stopped off for fuel at Weigel’s.

My attempt at the arty pic.
Jeff is geared up!

After fueling, we rode west through Lenoir City and onto Loudon. We stopped along the bridge for a few wintery photos.

Looking from the bridge.
Looking from the bridge.
I’m waiting with my Gerbing heat on while Jeff shoots photos.
Love this view of Loudon!

Just south of Loudon, we took 72 to Vonore, then took 411 through Madisonville and into Englewood.

View of downtown Englewood.
View of downtown Englewood.
Englewood, TN

From Englewood, we took 39 right into Athens where we rode directly to the Country Patch Restaurant.

The Country Patch Restaurant in Athens.
Inside the Country Patch.
The colors inside are warm and friendly- just like the staff.
Great colors!
The food here never disappoints. It is always excellent.
Road therapy, good company, good food- doesn’t get any better than this.

The folks here at the Country Patch are always friendly and the food is great. We told them we were going to bring a group back on the 19th and they couldn’t have been more gracious. The Country Patch is owned by folks that ride and they are always glad to have bikers around. Thank you Country Patch for the great service and great food!

Jeff talks about our ride so far in this short video:

After lunch, we rode through Athens then took 39 south which took us to Riceville. In Riceville we continued on 39 as it wound through the countryside.

A nice country road.
A nice country road.
It’s still cold. Glad we dressed for the cold.

The road, 39, finally ended at route 30 just west of Athens.

Route 30 heading back toward Athens.
Route 30 heading back toward Athens.

We took 30 back into Athens, took 11 north through Niota and then into Sweetwater where we stopped and filled our tanks. After gassing up, we stayed on 11 north, rode through Philadelphia, into Loudon, then continued through Lenoir City and finally back to Knoxville.

On highway 11 south of Sweetwater.
Another view.
Back in Loudon along highway 11.

We got home at 4:15pm and our total ride was 150 miles. The temperature never got above 34 degrees but throughout the ride we were warm and comfortable thanks to our Gerbing’s and warm weather gear from Biker Rags.

Jeff in the back yard after our day of riding. It's cold!
Jeff in the back yard after our day of riding. It’s cold!

Jeff wraps up the ride in this video:

And we do “The Pump” one more time!

Mark your calendars for February 19, 2014. Take the day off and come ride with us to the Country Patch in Athens for lunch. We leave Biker Rags at 11am. If you’re having trouble getting motivated, just do “The Pump”. Come ride with us and get some road therapy.

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