On Monday, January 20, 2014 we took a Day Ride to Jellico and Huntsville. As we got ready to leave, it was a cold 37 degrees and the cats were smart enough to be in for the morning.

Fortunately for us, we have the gear to ride in the winter. Our gear includes our thermal lined chaps, our heavy leather jackets along with our Gerbing Heated Gear. We also wore our Pilot helmets with shield, our neck warmers and sturdy leather boots. With the proper gear, cold weather riding is very enjoyable.

Ready to ride.

Ready to ride.

Jeff talks about our ride in this short video:

We left home and traveled up Clinton Highway. We stopped in Clinton to top off our tanks and get a quick snack.

The One Stop Market in Clinton


This One Stop Market has a nice area to eat a quick snack.

After fueling up in Clinton, we continued on 25 north through Lake City and into Caryville. We stopped to take a couple of photos across from Cove Lake State Park.


In Caryville on 25.


Water view from 25 in Caryville.

We rode from Caryville through Lafollette where we stopped and took a few photos of downtown.


Downtown Lafollette.


Downtown Lafollette.


Heading out of downtown Lafollette.

We continued north on 25 stopping briefly to gawk at the rock formations.


Rock formations along 25.


Another view of the rock formations along 25.


Another view of 25.

We stopped in downtown Jellico looking for a place to eat lunch, but since it was a holiday, only the fast food restaurants were open. We took a few photos and decided to continue on with our ride and eat in Huntsville.


Downtown Jellico.


Downtown Jellico.


Downtown Jellico.

Right outside of Jellico, we stopped at Indian Mountain State Park.


Indian Mountain State Park


Indian Mountain State Park


Indian Mountain State Park

Here is Jeff talking about our ride so far:

Pamo talks about the ride so far and dressing for cold weather riding:

We left Indian Mountain State Park and headed down 297 which took us to 63 and into Huntsville.


Going to Huntsville.

We stopped in at one of our favorite restaurants- the Fireside in Huntsville.


The Fireside Restaurant in Huntsville.


Lunch was as yummy as it looks!

Jeff talks about lunch:

We left Huntsville and headed down 27 toward Wartburg. We stopped at the 27 Quik Market in Wartburg for a quick snack and to top off our tanks.


The 27 Quick Market in Wartburg.

From Wartburg we continued south on 27 through Oliver Springs where we took 61 to Clinton Highway. We stopped at Gibbs Ferry Park to look at the water and visit with the ducks.


Gibbs Ferry Park


Yet another selfie.


Hello ducks!


It’s been another wonderful day of road therapy.

Pamo talks about the ride so far:

Jeff and Pamo talk about getting pumped up for riding:

We left Gibbs Ferry Park, took 61 into Clinton, then took Clinton Highway back to Knoxville.

Jeff wraps up our day in this video:

We got home around 4:30pm and our total ride was 182 miles.

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