The girls are always sad to see us leave.

On Wednesday, October 30, 2013 we took another Day Ride. Our destination was the Foothill’s Parkway to view the colors and then lunch at the People’s Choice Restaurant in Newport.


We left our home in North Knoxville at 10:30am on this exceptionally beautiful day. By the time we left, the temperature was already in the 60’s.

Here’s a brief video preview of our ride:

Jeff is dressed for a warm fall day.

We rode south on Alcoa Highway into Maryville where we took 336, a beautiful country road that runs below and parallel to Foothills Parkway until it runs into 129. At 129 we rode south through Tallassee stopping briefly on the boat ramp access by the water.

Looking out onto the river from the dock.
Another view from the dock.

We got back on our bikes and turned onto the Foothills Parkway.

The fall colors on the Foothills Parkway.

The colors on the Parkway were at their peak. We stopped several times for photos.

Foothills Parkway
Foothills Parkway
Foothills Parkway
Foothills Parkway
Foothills Parkway
Foothills Parkway

We continued on the Parkway until we reached 321. We rode through Walland and Townsend and then stopped briefly at the Little River Village for gas and a bathroom break. It’s a good place to stop before heading into the mountains.

Little River Village
A good place to get fuel.
A good place to get fuel.

From 321, we took 73 through the mountains. It’s a beautiful scenic drive so be sure to plan for photo stops.

View along 73.
View along 73.
The road has many pull offs for photos.

We traveled along 73 through the mountains and into the back end of Gatlinburg.

We rode through Gatlinburg, then took 321 north through Pittman Center and into Cosby. From Cosby, we took 32, then 73 which took us into the east end of Newport. We rode through downtown Newport and then on to the People’s Choice Restaurant.

People's Choice Restaurant in Newport, TN
People’s Choice Restaurant in Newport, TN
People's Choice Restaurant
People’s Choice Restaurant
Inside the People's Choice.
Inside the People’s Choice.
Inside the People’s Choice.

The People’s Choice is well known for it’s home cooking and they did not disappoint. Jeff got an open face roast beef sandwich and I got the daily special which included fried green tomatoes. YUM! We also split a piece of chocolate pie. Double YUM YUM!

Lunch was excellent home cooking!
Lunch was excellent home cooking!

Our waitress, Kathy, was super nice and we definitely will be back. Next time you ride to Newport, be sure to check out the People’s Choice Restaurant.

After lunch we took 25/70.

Looking at the interstate bridge from 25/70.
On the bridge 25/70.

25/70 took us to Dandridge. We then got on 139 which runs along Douglas Lake.

139 runs along side Douglas Lake.
Jeff waving and chewing gum along 139.

A just goofing off video:

View of Douglas Lake from 139.

From 139, we took 66 just north of Sevierville. We took 66 north to Asheville Highway and rode back into Knoxville and back home.

Jumba and all the fur kids are always glad when we get home.
Jumba and all the fur kids are always glad when we get home.

We got back home at 5 pm and our total ride was 187 miles.

Jeff gives us a wrap up of the ride in this video:

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