On Tuesday, June 11th, we took another Day Ride. Our destination was Pennington Gap, Virginia.

Jeff checks our route before we leave.

We took off from our home in North Knoxville around 10am. The skies were partly cloudy and the temperature was right around 70 degrees. We rode north on Broadway to Halls, where  we took 131 to Gibbs, stopping at Weigel’s for fuel and crackers.

After our quick break we continued north on 131 through Plainview, then Luttrell, then Washburn where we stopped for a couple of photos.

From Washburn we traveled up to 25E. We crossed 25E and continued north through Thorn Hill. Then we rode on to Treadway where we took 31 north to Sneedville.

Taken from the bridge leading into Sneedville.

From Sneedville we took 33 to Kyles Ford.

River Place in Kyles Ford, TN

At Kyles Ford we took 70 north into Virginia. 70 rose through the mountains, winding with both sweeping curves and several switchbacks. After descending back down the mountain, we took 58 east to 421.

The beautiful rolling hills of Virginia.

421 took us right into Pennington Gap.

We rode through town looking for a place to eat.

We finally stopped and asked a guy who was mowing his lawn where he suggested we eat. He told us to check out Rooster’s Pub, so we turned around, found the Pub and parked the bikes.

By this time it was 1:30pm and we had traveled about 120 miles, so we were both hungry. Roosters Pub turned out to be a neighborhood bar and the food turned out to be really good. Jeff got an old fashioned Club sandwich and I got a chicken salad sandwich. The folks were friendly and we will definitely go back.

After lunch, we topped off our tanks, then rode through town and got on 58 West heading toward Cumberland Gap. It’s a beautiful scenic four lane highway and we stopped several times for photos.

We rode past Cumberland Gap and through Harrogate where we stopped for a drink and a snack. After our break we took 32 south which took us into Tazewell. In Tazewell we took 33 south through New Tazewell and then took 170 West.

170 is another beautiful East Tennessee road. We stopped for a couple of photos.

A side road off of 170.

170 took us all the way back to Norris Freeway, which took us back to Halls and then back home. We got back at 5:00pm and our total ride was 228 miles. Then we hung out with the fur kids.

Jeff and Butter Bean
Jumba Lewis

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    • Elaine- Thanks for looking! I look forward to hearing more the rides you guys go on. So exciting!

  1. Always enjoy looking at your pics and routes you guys take. You went though some of my old stomping grounds…I went to school in Washburn, and was raised in Thorn Hill with beautiful Clinch Mountain in the background. I still visit my dad there about every other week!
    I hope to join you on the next Fun Run Ride!

  2. Randy- You grew up in a beautiful area. Your dad must love it there.
    Next Fun Run is July 21st. Hope to see you there!

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