On Tuesday April 30th, we took another Day Ride. Our destination- The Little House of Pancakes in Gatlinburg.

We left our home in North Knoxville right at 10 am. The skies were mostly sunny and the temperature was 58 degrees.

We took Broadway to 640 East, got off 640 at Magnolia Avenue, then took Asheville Highway to the split taking 25/70 heading toward Dandridge.

We stopped in Dandrige for a few photos.

We then continued on 92 and took a quick stop for a snack.

We got back on the road and traveled to Chestnut Hill. Highway 92 is yet another gorgeous East Tennessee road.

We traveled through Chestnut Hill and took 411 to Newport where we stopped for gas.

We rode through Newport and then took 73 South to Cosby. The surrounding mountains are beautiful and serene.

From Cosby, we took 321 South through Pittman Center, into Gatlinburg arriving at our destination, The Little House of Pancakes.

The Little House of Pancakes is right on 321. We’ve eaten here several times before and we’ve always enjoyed the food. Unfortunately, they were already out of meatloaf when we arrived, so we made the best of it and ordered breakfast. In a word… YUM!

If you ever make it to The Little House of Pancakes, be sure to get their French toast- it’s the best we’ve ever had. It makes us happy….

Jeff doing the French toast ‘Happy Dance’.

After lunch, we rode through downtown Gatlinburg, and took scenic 73 through the Smoky Mountains heading toward Townsend.

We even got a chance to stop at the Sinks for a few photos.

After enjoying the beauty of the Sinks, we got back on the bikes and headed toward Townsend.

We rode through Townsend, Walland, and then into Maryville. We took Alcoa Highway back into Knoxville and then back home.

We got back to our home around 3:30 pm and our total ride was 154 miles.

As always, our little fur kids were glad to see us and we enjoyed being back home.

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  1. Rhonda and I always enjoy following you on your day rides as you explain them thru your pictures and narration . The quality of the pictures are fantastic . One thing about the food though, Surely you two don’t eat like that Seven days a week. Hey you two ,be careful and watch out for all the fools on the road. See you soon in the store or maybe we can make it down for a Sunday ride in the near future .
    Gary From Crossville

  2. As always, I enjoy your emails and the pictures of the places that you visit. I also enjoy looking at your “fur kids” and since I am an animal lover as well, I can relate to the companionship they offer. What I have found interesting is that your pets are rescued animals and some of them are Cocker Spaniels. I have rescued 8 Cocker Spaniels over the years from various living conditions, some of them deplorable. Only two were a Cocker mix but all of them were unique in some way or the other. This is not to say that Cocker Spaniels are the best breed but it says volumes about people who rescue animals and take care of them as you all do. I want to say thanks for sharing your travels and I want to say thanks for the animals that you care for.

  3. Gary- So nice to hear from you! I hope you and Rhonda are enjoying spring and all the rides you do. No- we don’t eat like that all the time. Our Day Ride meals are always a special treat. Also, we leave some on the plates. Well not always, but we try! Thanks for your kind comments and thanks for following along.

  4. Calvin- Thankfully, so many of us are animal lovers. Cockers are wonderful dogs that get neglected unfortunately. They require lots of care but they return so much love! Sounds like you already know that. We have three Cockers and they give us so much joy.
    Thank you too for the animals you have rescued and loved. Stories like yours always warm my heart.

  5. Thanks again for great photos and ideas for a ride. I’m thinking about taking a ride up to Cumberland Falls in Kentucky in the near future. It’s a beautiful place if you’ve never been there.

  6. Thank you Kyle for your comment. Cumberland Falls is gorgeous! I think Knoxville HD is planning a group ride there soon- you might want to check it out. Thanks again.

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