On Tuesday, April 23rd, we took another day ride. Our destination was lunch in Pineville, Kentucky – home of the “Chained Rock”.

Leaving from home.

We left our home in North Knoxville a few minutes before 10 am. The skies were blue, but it was a cool 50 degrees Fahrenheit. We both wore our leather jackets and chaps, pilot helmets and Olympia gloves.

We headed north on Clinton Highway, rode through Powell, then through Clinton and onto Lake City where we stopped to gas up and eat a light snack.

A short break at the Weigel’s in Lake City.

After our short break, we got back on 25 W, rode through Caryville and took the scenic Old Huntsville Highway toward 63.

Scenic Old Huntsville Highway

We rode west on 63 a short while, quickly arriving at 297 North, another beautiful East Tennessee road.

297 North

297 North took us into Jellico.


From Jellico, we took 25 W heading north into Kentucky, up to Williamsburg where we took 92 East, which runs along the Cumberland River.

92 East

We continued on 92 East into Pineville, rode downtown and spotted The Flocoe restaurant.

The Flocoe Restaurant

We went in, grabbed a spot and both ordered the daily special of spaghetti with salad.

Inside The Flocoe
Lunch is served!

The meal was fresh and homemade. While the spaghetti and garlic bread was excellent, I especially loved the salad with it’s large vegetable chunks. Wonderful eats!

As often happens in small towns, the folks were very friendly and eager to tell us about their quaint area. We learned about the large rock (Chain Rock), attached with a chain to it’s adjacent cliff in the summer of 1933, to protect the town should the boulder loosen. (Some say the chain was merely a publicity stunt to attract visitors to the newly formed park in the 30’s… but where’s the fun in that?) You can see the boulder just above The Flocoe outdoor dining area.

Outdoor dining area next to The Flocoe. Chained Rock in the distance.
There it is!

Before riding up to the Chained Rock overlook in Pine Mountain State Resort Park, we walked around the Pineville town square.

Downtown Pineville – Town Square
Downtown Pineville – sidewalk opposite town square.
Downtown Pineville – across from town square.

We got back on our bikes, determined to ride up to Chained Rock. We hopped on 25E South and quickly entered the Pine Mountain State Resort Park. We traveled several miles up a winding, steep road.

View on way to the Chained Rock overlook.

When we reached the overlook, we discovered that the Chained Rock itself was only accessible by taking a mile round trip hike. Since we weren’t comfortable leaving our motorcycles unattended in such a remote location for the time it would take to make the trek, we decided to just enjoy the views from the overlook.

(However, we did eventually make the trek in May of 2015. You can see that post HERE.)

The Chained Rock overlook and trail head.
A very short walk to the overlook.
View from the overlook.

After gawking awhile, we got back on our bikes, rode down the mountain to 25E and headed south. We rode through the tunnel at Middlesboro.

Just outside the tunnel in Middlesboro, KY.

We continued south through Harrogate and on into Tazewell, where we stopped for gas. At the gas station, I told Jeff I wanted something sweet to eat, so we went to the Frostee just down the road for ice cream. Yum!

The Frostee Restaurant

If you’re ever down this way, they look to have wonderful burgers too! Today, we just stuck with the dessert but decided to go back someday for lunch.

Ice cream tastes best when out traveling!

After our sweet treat, we continued south on 25E.

25E heading south.

We then took 131 through Washburn. We stopped along 131, yet another beautiful East Tennessee road, for a couple of photos.

Off of 131. What’s Jeff looking at?
A fur friend! A yard full of nice dogs were saying hello.

We then traveled on 131 through Lutrell and back toward North Knoxville. Once on 441, we headed back home.

We arrived home around 5:15 pm and our total ride was 205 miles. Seeing Pineville, Kentucky with it’s Chained Rock was a blast, but it was the wonderful scenic route Jeff planned that made the trip memorable.

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  1. Enjoy following your trip reports. Hope to make a few rides with you in the future. Thanks for the updates!

  2. I have lived in West Knoxville all my life but I have seen very few of the places that you travel. I am retired now and I want to see so many things all around me that I have missed. Your motorcycle rides and photos make me really appreciate this area and they prove that Tennesse is a beautiful state with many area attractions that are second to none. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the time and work that you invest for others to enjoy.


  3. I agree Calvin! We are so fortunate to have such beauty around us. Now you have time to enjoy it- that is wonderful and well deserved. Thank you for your comment. We are so pleased you find our posts valuable.

  4. Wonderful article. Enjoyed . You are So blessed to be able to enjoy so much of God’s Beauty.

  5. A really great way to see Gods nature. We go 4 wheeling thru the mtns and see many special scenery .. And all is so wonderful. Glad you visited us .. Come again

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