This is another post in our “Enjoying Your Motorcycle Series”.

Hey folks- Pamo here. Last week Jeff talked about how getting the correct size motorcycle can make your riding experience more enjoyable. This week- I’ll talk about it from my perspective.

Back when we first opened the store in 1994, I was riding a 1971 Ironhead Sportster, handed down to me from Jeff. It didn’t take long before I knew I needed something more to my liking, so I got a 883 Hugger. It was a great bike, but after a couple of years, I traded up and got a Harley Springer Softail. (The Bad Boy Softail.)

That’s me on my Harley Bad Boy around 1999.

Again, it was a great ride, but over time, I felt I spent too much time struggling with it’s heft. The front end was quite heavy and I had a difficult time maneuvering in parking lots or in tight spots. So after a couple of years, I traded for a Dyna Low Rider around 2002. I put a windshield and saddlebags on it and once again, had the perfect bike.

Jeff is kind of crazy when it comes to motorcycles, so we’ve always had a garage full, but me, I like to stick to one or two bikes. After riding one of Jeff’s Sportsters, I found myself riding my beloved Dyna less and less. In 2010, I finally admitted to myself that I needed a lighter, more manageable bike.

Soon after this realization, Jeff and I stopped in at Knoxville Harley and I got a 1200 Custom, a bike that I still have today. For me, this is the perfect bike. It is fuel injected, lightweight, comfortable, powerful and it makes me smile every time I ride it

That’s me on my 2010 Sporster in 2015.

It really is the perfect bike for me. After Jeff rode it, he went out and got himself one too that he still rides.

There are many ways to enjoy your motorcycle. Having the correct bike for you (and believe me this changes over time) may be the most important way to enjoy riding. The dealerships all have demo days- so if you ever want to test ride a different motorcycle- they make it really easy. The guys at the dealerships are really nice and I’ve never felt any sales pressure. Because really, these newer, lighter, better made late model bikes sell themselves.

That’s me on my Sportster just a couple of weeks ago.

Until next time,