Jeff is ready to ride!

Thursday, March 8, 2018 – It was our day off and despite the snow flurries we needed to ride and knock those cobwebs out of our souls!

So we bundled up in our winter gear and headed out for a Day Ride.


Jeff kicks us off in this short video:

We left our home in North Knoxville and took the back roads through Talbot and Dandridge then over to Mountain Motorsports in Kodak, TN.

We arrived at Mountain Motorsports in Kodak.
We talked with Kevin inside Mountain Motorsports. He knows a lot about bikes!
We’ll take one of everything!
Time to get back on the road. Bundle up Jeff.

We headed back through Paw Paw Hollow and ended up at the Crossroads Cafe.

The burgers here are great!
Yep- good stuff.

By the time we finished eating, it was still flurrying outside. But the roads were clear and we were warm in our winter gear. Most importantly, the cobwebs had left and our minds were happy and clear.

Our entire ride was about 75 miles and took us around three hours. We really enjoyed looking at all the bikes at Mountain Motorsports and eating a fresh burger at the Crossroads Cafe. Flurries be damned! It was a great day of riding.

Until next time,

Jeff and Pamo

We’ll take one of everything!