The weather cleared for us on Monday, Memorial Day, 2017 and we had a great Fun Run! Twenty-three bikes arrived to ride on this overcast day. We rode a 100 mile route through the countryside, then came back to Biker Rags for pizza and more socializing. Here are some pictures from the day:

Group shot before the ride.

The best part of riding together is getting to hang out with friends. Here are a few photos before the ride began:

Then Jeff gives ride instructions before we all take off:

We made a stop after fifty miles on the road. Here are photos at the stop:

After riding another fifty miles, we arrived back at Biker Rags for pizza and more socializing.

Plus everyone who completed the ride received a special patch and is now a Biker Rags Gypsy Rider!

Thanks again everyone for coming out. We had a blast!