Jeff is ready to ride!
Jeff is ready to ride!

On Wednesday, August 24th, we took a Day Ride loop through Maryville, Tn.

We left our home in North Knoxville around 10:30am. We wore our light weight jackets since the air was a little cool.


Jeff kicks off the day in this video:

We traveled north on Broadway. First we stopped at Weigel’s for some fuel and to pick up a snack for later.

We then traveled down Norris Freeway, and up to Norris Dam. We stopped at the Visitor’s Station parking lot to  eat at one of the picnic tables right next to the dam.

We stopped at Norris Dam to have a snack.
View of the Visitor’s Station from our picnic table.
Look how close the dam is!
Breakfast of champions.
Then we stopped to see the mini museum inside the Visitor’s Station.
Jeff loves maps.
Norris Dam plaque.

We rode over Norris Dam and into Lake City (Rocky Top).

We turned right onto 116.

View of 116.
We turned left onto 330 South.

330 South took us into Oliver Springs. The we rode into Oak Ridge.

Traveling down the Oak Ridge Turnpike, we decided to stop at the Guard House- a structure we’ve driven by many times.

Guard House in Oak Ridge on the Oak Ridge Turnpike.

This guard house together with the small one across the street controlled access to Oak Ridge from the southwest during its years as a secret city. Now the location is used mostly as a gathering place for cyclists before rides out highway 95 (the Turnpike).

From the Wikipedia entry (see full entry HERE):

The three Oak Ridge gatehouses, also known as “checking stations”, “guard houses”, or “guard shacks”, are security checkpoints in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, built c. 1948-1949 to control access to the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) production and research facilities in Oak Ridge.[1] These are individually listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places as Bear Creek Road Checking Station, Bethel Valley Road Checking Station and Oak Ridge Turnpike Checking Station.

View inside the Guard House.
Jeff is pointing to the gun turret.
Close up of one of the gun turrets.
Plaque on the Guard House grounds.

The weather had warmed by this time and we shed the jackets. We left the Guard House and continued down 95.

Still on 95.
Part of the Oak Ridge Greenways.

You can read more about the Oak Ridge Greenways HERE.

Not too far from Oak Ridge is the Melton Hill Dam. It is nicely maintained and not a lot of visitors on the grounds when we visited.

Melton Hill Dam
View of Clinch River.
View of the Clinch River from the overlook.
See those two large towers in the distance?
They are huge!

We left the Melton Hill Dam and continued on 95 into Lenoir City. We crossed the Loudon Dam and took 321 into Maryville.

By 3pm, we entered Maryville and were ready for lunch. We decided to stop in at one of our favorite restaurants- Aubrey’s.

We stopped at Aubrey’s in Maryville.
And ordered their delicious house salad.
Along with chicken, broccoli and rice. We had left overs for two more meals!

By the time we finished our very late lunch, it was 4pm. We took Alcoa Highway to Pellissippi Parkway and into West Knoxville so we could stop in at Biker Rags.

Here we are outside Biker Rags.

We hung around Biker Rags for awhile, then got back on the road to head home and see the fur kids.

The fur kids are always glad to have us home.

We arrived home at 5:30pm and our total ride was 140 miles.

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