This is a BIG weekend at Biker Rags! Jeff and I have been really busy getting everything ready.

Here we are in Sam's getting goodies for the parties.
Here we are in Sam’s getting goodies for the parties.

Jeff is really happy we finally made it to check out.
Jeff is really happy we finally made it to check out.
Next stop is Kroger's. Jeff is easily distracted.
Next stop is Kroger’s. Jeff is easily distracted.
There's Donna checking us out at Kroger's! Bikers are everywhere.
There’s Donna checking us out at Kroger’s. Bikers are everywhere!
The Explorer is loaded up. We're ready for the party!
The Explorer is loaded up. We’re ready for the party!

What’s the party you ask?

First up is ‘Patches and Pizza’ on Saturday September 19th. Rally veteran Susan will be here sewing on any patch you’ve purchased from Biker Rags FOR FREE!!! The free patch sewing runs from noon to 3pm, so come early to be sure and get signed up.

Plus, we’ll be serving FREE PIZZA for everyone! So you get to eat FREE pizza while you have your patches (purchased from Biker Rags) sewn on FOR FREE!!!

Meet up with friends, get patches sewn on, and eat free pizza THIS Saturday, September 19th from noon to 3pm at Biker Rags.

After 3pm, Susan will hang around and do any other sewing you might need at her regular rates.

Then on Sunday, September 20th, we are hosting the second annual Conard Shultz Day from noon to 3pm.

We’ll have a vintage bike gathering from noon to 3pm in the front parking lot. If you have a vintage bike (25 years or older) we encourage you to bring it out and show it off to other enthusiasts!

Conard Shultz will be here showing off some of his custom vintage bikes too.

Then starting at 1:00pm, we’ll be serving FREE hot dogs for everyone!!!

Wow! What a great weekend here at Biker Rags!

That’s Patches & Pizza on Saturday from noon to 3pm and Conard Shultz Day on Sunday from noon to 3pm.


Questions? Call us at (865) 693-5808.

We’ll see you soon!

Jeff and Pam