This Day Ride from August 31, 2010 is re-posted here from our old website:

On Tuesday, August 31st we took another day ride. We left our home in North Knoxville around 9:45am.

8-31-10 AWe went down Broadway to Chapman Highway toward Seymour.  We took 441 to Maryville, stopped for gas and headed north on 321 to Townsend. We rode through Townsend by the river. It was one of the most beautiful days we’ve had in awhile. The sky was clear blue and going through the mountains it was almost cool enough for a light jacket.

From Townsend, we took 73 toward Gatlinburg. We stopped along the way to look at the water.

8-31-10 B

8-31-10 C

8-31-10 D

8-31-10 E

8-31-10 FUsually the roads through the mountains are crowded, but this day there was very little traffic and we had a really nice ride.

When we got to Gatlinburg, we made our way to 321 and decided to stop and get something to eat. We stopped at Flap Jacks.

8-31-10 G

8-31-10 HAfter lunch, we took 321 North to Glades Road where we rode through Pittman Center. Here’s Jeff being goofy in Pittman Center.

8-31-10 IWe took 454 which would have brought us out east of Sevierville, but right in front of us a car drove off the side of the road, and the police blocked everything going both ways, so we turned around. We went back through Pittman Center and back to 321.

We took 321 North through Cosby. We stopped briefly and got a quick shot of the mountains.

8-31-10 JThen we headed on to Newport. We stopped in downtown Newport to see the action.

8-31-10 K

8-31-10 LThen we got on 25/70 and headed to Dandridge.

8-31-10 M

8-31-10 N

8-31-10 OWe then had a final gas stop in Dandridge.

8-31-10 PAfter a few minutes we headed back to Knoxville. We arrived home right around 4pm. Our total ride was 170 miles. It was a beautiful day for a long ride.

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