New Year’s Day – Ready to ride.

On Wednesday, January 1, 2014 we started the New Year off with a ride by joining up with the Annual “Frosty Toes Ride” hosted by Knoxville Harley Davidson.

Here’s a short video made before we left for the ride:

Since the ride didn’t leave until 1pm, we stopped at Shoney’s for breakfast.

A New Year's Buffet
A New Year’s Buffet
After breakfast, we gassed up and headed off to the Harley shop.
After breakfast, we gassed up and headed off to the Harley shop.

We arrived at Knoxville Harley Davidson at 12:15pm.

At Knoxville Harley Davidson on Clinton Highway.
At Knoxville Harley Davidson on Clinton Highway.

It was cool, around 40 degrees, but the sun was shining making this a beautiful day. We talked with other riders and took photos and videos while waiting for the ride to leave.

Here’s a video from when we first arrived:

A good size crowd.
Hi Dave and Randy.
It was great seeing folks we usually just see in the store.
There’s Karen and friends.

Another short video:

Blessing of the bikes.
Blessing of the bikes.

After the “Blessing of the Bikes” we took off for a short 25 mile ride to Clinton where the group pulled into The Golden Girls Restaurant for lunch. There looked to be about 60 or 70 bikes. Some folks went in to eat, others hung around in the parking lot and others decided to keep on riding.

End of the Frosty Toes Ride…
… in the Golden Girls Restaurant parking lot.
A fun ride and a great way to start off the New Year.

Jeff and I decided to go on a mini Day Ride as it was too beautiful a day to waste. We took 61 north through Andersonville heading toward Big Ridge State Park.

61 North
61 North
I’m thinking, “Happy New Year!”
A beautiful winter day.

We passed by Big Ridge State Park and continued north on 170 to Rose Hill, just north of Maynardville. We then took 33 south heading toward Maynardville stopping along the way for a few photos and this short video:

On 33 heading toward Maynardville.
On 33 heading toward Maynardville.

From Maynardville, we took 61 east to Luttrell. In Luttrell, we continued on 61 to Blaine, then took 331 which took us past House Mountain.

Highway 331.
House Mountain in the background.
House Mountain in the background.

We traveled back into Knoxville stopping briefly at the crossroads off Tazewell Pike.

The Fountain Gate Shopping Center
Pratt’s Country Store

We then rode back to Clinton Highway and stopped at the Pizza Inn for a New Years Day pizza celebration.

Pizza Inn on Clinton Highway
Pizza Inn on Clinton Highway
Pamo says, "Yum!"
Pamo says, “Yum!”
Pizza Inn has great pizza.

If you like pizza, check out Pizza Inn on Clinton Highway. The staff is always friendly, the restaurant is clean and open, and there are lots of choices.

After our early dinner at Pizza Inn we rode back home to play with all our fur kids.

That's Susie. If it weren't for her dog outfit, we'd swear she was human.
That’s Susie. If it weren’t for her dog outfit, we’d swear she was human.
Our New Year's Day "selfie".
Our New Year’s Day “selfie”.

Jeff wraps up our day in this short video:

We got back at 4:30 pm and our total ride was right around 100 miles.

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s all ride more in 2014.

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