On Tuesday, May 21st, we got the day off and took another Day Ride. We decided to have a picnic lunch at Douglas Dam just south of Dandridge.

Before we leave, the dogs always say their sweet good-byes.

We took off from our home in North Knoxville at 10:15am. The skies were mostly clear and the temperature 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

We took 640 to Alcoa Highway and rode south to John Sevier Highway. Once on John Sevier Highway, we traveled to Chapman Highway and stopped at Weigels to fill up our tanks and grab a snack.

After our break, we rode south on Chapman Highway to Seymour, took Boyds Creek bringing us out just north of Sevierville on 66. We took 66 south to Sevierville, then 411 North (also known as Dolly Parton Parkway). Just outside of Sevierville, we stopped at the Tennessee Museum of Aviation.

The Tennessee Museum of Aviation features an impressive Warbird Collection housed in a 35,000 square foot hangar. If you are an aircraft buff, this is a must see. If you are going as a group, you might want to inquire about a reduced admission rate. Here are some photos from our visit:

After leaving the museum, we got back on 411 and rode through Chestnut Hill and onto Newport.

This is a photo of Old Newport Highway.

Once in Newport we took 25/70 west, back toward Dandridge. We stopped on the bridge over Douglas Lake and took a few photos.

We rode through Dandridge and then took 139. Right at the corner of 139 and 338 is a little gas station and deli, Smart Serv #3, that has been there for years.

We stopped here to get our picnic lunch to take up to Douglas Dam Overlook.

The lady working the deli was super nice and she recommended the Angus burger. We ordered lunch, loaded everything up and headed off to the Dam.

The Dam Overlook area is only about one mile from the store. The area is well maintained and has ample picnic tables, trash cans and restroom facilities. First we admired the view.

Then we got our bikes settled and our picnic set up.

As you can see from the photo, the burgers were huge! We weren’t able to finish them even though they were delicious.

After eating, we walked around awhile. This is such a nice tranquil area, perfect for a picnic outing. We should have brought a blanket and taken a nap!

We got back on our bikes and headed down from the Overlook. We took 139 West back to 66, which winds around and comes out at Asheville Highway. We rode west on Asheville Highway.

We then took Strawberry Plains into East Knoxville coming out onto Magnolia Avenue. We took Magnolia to Central Avenue and back home.

We got home around 4:00pm and our total ride was 128 miles.

You can view our entire list of DAY RIDES by CLICKING HERE.


  1. I think it is soooo cool that you send us all the pictures and stories of your trips. It is no mystery why you have such a successful business. I have been to several of the swap meets and I appreciate you having them as well. Keep up the good work and I will continue to brag about you everywhere I get the chance to.

  2. David- Thank you for your great comment! We really enjoy sharing our trips, etc. with fellow enthusiasts. Folks like YOU make it fun and all worthwhile. Hope you can make it Sunday to the Swap Meet. Have a great weekend!

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