On Tuesday, March 19, 2013, we took another Day Ride. Our destination was lunch at the Fireside Restaurant in Huntsville, TN followed by a visit to downtown Wartburg, TN.

We left our home in North Knoxville at 10:30 am. The skies were blue and the temperature was 45 degrees. We both wore our full leathers and our Gerbing’s heated gear with our Pilot helmets and face masks.

We rode north on Clinton Highway, through Powell and into Clinton where we took 25W into Lake City. We stopped at Weigel’s to gas up and eat a light snack.

After filling up, we continued north on 25 to Caryville where we took Old Huntsville Road.

As you can see from the above photos, Old Huntsville Road is a very lightly traveled nature road. It runs several miles parallel to the interstate and intersects with Highway 63.

Once we hit 63, we turned left, heading west toward Huntsville.

Once we arrived in Huntsville, we stopped at the Fireside Restaurant for lunch.

We’ve eaten here before and came back because we liked the food. Today we had another great meal. The strawberry cake was especially fresh. YUM!

After lunch, we got back on the bikes and took 27 South riding through Robbins and Sunbright. We stopped along the road to photograph the view before heading into Wartburg.

Next, we arrived at Wartburg and walked around downtown. First, we visited the Morgan County Courthouse.

Then we headed over to Tanner’s Sundries…

where we sat down at the vintage bar and sipped on an old timey bottled Coke Cola. While we were there, we strolled through the packed store.

Wartburg, named after the Wartburg castle in Germany, was founded in 1840 by the German land speculator, George Gerding.  While we didn’t see any of the locals running around in Lederhosen, we can say without a doubt, that the Wartburg community is friendly and welcoming.

When we got back on the bikes, we stayed on 27 which is a beautiful and scenic route. This road must have been forged by a motorcycle rider! We stopped for photos before arriving in Harriman.

We rode through Harriman, then took 70 East to Kingston. In Kingston, we stopped at the 58 Landing to feed the ducks.

After feeding the ducks, we got back on the bikes, rode through Kingston and continued on 70. From 70, we took 58 to Oak Ridge and then back to Knoxville.

We got back home around 4:15 pm and our total ride was 153 miles.

You can see our entire list of DAY RIDES by CLICKING HERE.


  1. Sounds like a great ride will have to do it sometime. Will be watching for the next road trip. Hope to see you during swipe meet. Can’t ride right now due to surgey but will be back on road again soon.

  2. Hope you recover soon Paul! Next swap meet is Sunday April 7th- hopefully it will be a nice spring day.
    Thanks for your comment.

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