On Tuesday, February 5th, we got to take another Day Ride. Our destination was lunch at Little Maggie’s in Pikeville, Tennessee.

Butter Bean gets a little nervous when we are about to leave. We give her  (and her two sisters) a cookie and a kiss. It always works!

We left our home in North Knoxville at 10:15 am. The temperature was 42 degrees and the skies were overcast. We both wore our leather jackets, leather thermal lined chaps, our Gerbing’s jacket liners and gloves, face masks and 3/4 Pilot helmets. (We have all of these items in our store.)

We rode north on Clinton Highway through Clinton where we took 61 to Oliver Springs.

We then took 62/27 to Wartburg where we stopped at the 27 Quick Stop Market to gas up and get some crackers.

After our short break, we continued on 62/27 heading west where we took 298. This next photo shows us on 62 after it parts from 27.

298 runs through the Catoosa Wildlife Area and over the Obed River. It’s a beautiful road with glorious scenery. It’s the kind of road that makes winter riding a complete joy.

298 took us all the way into Crossville where we rode through town and then took 127 South to Pikeville.

Pikeville is a quaint historic town where the folks are exceptionally friendly. We rode downtown by the courthouse and found Little Maggie’s Diner not too far down, across the street.

Little Maggie’s is a long, narrow diner that seats about twenty people. It is homey and friendly with great bluegrass music playing. One of the family owners, Carrie Hassler, was there greeting us as we came in. Carrie is an award winning bluegrass singer, and last fall had the number 1 song on Sirius radio. We both immediately liked her. Be sure to check out her website HERE and when you go to Little Maggie’s you can buy one of her CD’s!

The fare was mostly burgers, so we both ordered burgers, fries and split a piece of coconut pie. Since it took awhile for the food to get to us, we began eating immediately when it arrived. So we forget to get the full plate picture.

As you might have guessed, we both liked the food very much. We will definitely return.

After lunch, we walked around downtown checking out some of the history of Pikeville.

Then we got back on the bikes to take another scenic route back toward Knoxville.

From Pikeville we took 30 South, a beautiful road that rose up into Walden Ridge and then back down on scenic winding roads.

After coming down off the Ridge, 30 took us into Dayton, through Decatur and then into Athens where we stopped to gas up and get a drink.

After our short stop in Athens, we took 39 into Englewood and waited on the train.

We then took 411 through Madisonville, Vonore and into Maryville.

We got to Maryville around 4:15pm and the traffic was really heavy, so we took Old Knoxville Highway back into Knoxville. We inched our way down Gay Street.

We finally arrived home around 5:15pm and our total ride was 228 miles. What a great day!

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  1. jeff and pam, love all the pics you guys posted of your rides I’m looking forward to dropping by biker rags and hope to meet you guys in person until then be safe my friends

  2. Hi Bobby- We appreciate you looking at the rides. Hope you can join us for one of our Fun Runs. Next one is March 17th. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Great ride guys. I’ve done that same ride a few times but it has been a while. You’ve inspired me to take that route again soon. I’ll be sure to try Litte Maggies, I love finding the mom n pops diners hidden away in the corners of the south. Not too many of those around anymore.

  4. I always enjoy reading, and seeing the pics of your day rides. I also appreciate that you guys do the Fun Runs and I always ride with you when possible. So thank you for bringing us all together to enjoy the beautiful area that we live in!
    Randy Davidson

  5. Mike- Isn’t it great to revisit places?! It never gets boring around here- we are so lucky to live in one of the best areas to ride. Thanks for your comment!

    Randy- Thank you! I hope you can make our next Fun Run in March. We always appreciate you riding with us. See you soon!

  6. Thanks for the current pictures of Pikeville. Currently living in Bang Yai, Thailand and homesickness is more frequent as time goes on. What a great place to have grown up and have lived.

  7. John- Thanks for looking in! Hugs back your way!!!

    Tommy- I’m sure Thailand is beautiful but I can understand being homesick for Pikeville. Thank you for your comment.

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