Now that Christmas is over and the New Year approaches, it’s time to update our vintage bike displays at the store. It’s a large task but well worth the effort. Especially when the “Mighty Carpenters” are at the ready!

The Mighty Carpenters!

Jeff and Silas spent last Friday constructing a new display in the middle room.

Jeff gets the space ready.

Nick from Willis Cycle Works helps bring in the new platform Silas built.

Nick helps Jeff and Silas load in platform.

Jeff and Silas are happy with the fit.

Happy Carpenters!

And now the new display is up for view!


1979 Triumph Bonneville Special and 1966 BSA Lightning

We keep twenty to twenty-five vintage bikes on display at all times. Many of these bikes will bring back great memories of days gone by. So stop in and check ’em out.

Thanks to the Mighty Carpenters- Biker Rags has a great kick off to the New Year!